Our Capability

We custom design and build alloy boats to your needs, or assist in the design and build of any alloy or steel boat.

5 metres to 15 metres in length.

The Bladerunner foil assisted catamaran is our in house design and we build to any other design specifications if required.

Yachts, Launches, Race boats, Landing craft, Barges, Marine farm, Tour, Glass bottom, Small ferries or hydrographic survey vessels. Your dream is our challenge.

Full 3D CAD CAM design expertise. Full computer cut system.

Experienced with survey Authorities and Classification Societies from around the world.


Fuel Efficiency

Yes, the last vessel we launched on the Ovlov Fuel graph showed fuel efficiency of 2 Litres per nautical mile with 2 x 350 hp Volvo motors through stern drives. The graph showed a rise between 7 - 9 knots as she got onto the plane and then a drop as she got over the planing hump and flattened out to 2 Litres per hour from 10 - 28 knots.



The comfort of the ride with the Bladerunner is exceptional, one customer described the feeling as "a Ferrari on the water'. Smoothly lifting through the water the 90 degrees hulls slice the thinnest line when she is lifting and flying on her foil. The Bladerunner looks like a sea plane landing when she comes off the foil. For those who suffer from sea sickness this is a breakthrough with no slamming or banging or rocking or rolling - these boats lift and slice through the top of the waves. Even on the tightest turns at speed the boat leans in just a fraction but stays smooth throughout. In the roughest seas these boats are built for a comfortable, dry ride.



Dependent on the cabin size and hull size we have a range of configurations for sleeping, including cabin and forward cabin layouts with sleeping aboard options even in our 6 m trailer boats.



We leave you with a beautifully finished boat that meets your needs - from Super Yacht exterior paint jobs that cost more than the boat to a Nyalic finish with a bare aluminium look. Most of our vessels are Anti-fouled below the water line and interior fit-outs are custom made to your contract specifications.



Most of our boats are custom made to our clients individual contract. Our designs have been from 5.5 m trailer boats to 15 metres overall. We have done several goose neck trailer boat, and built and designed the first true goose neck trailer in New Zealand. We have built boats for  the Navy, rescue teams, hydrographic surveyors, crayfishing, diving, game fishing and even built the first Excitor Ferry for the 'Hole in the Rock' tour from the Bay of Islands (no broken backs on that one with the smooth ride of the Bladerunner). Whale watch boats in Va Vau Tonga and resort boats can be found in Samoa, Tonga and Fiji.

Two 'watch boat' sailing vessels (Sir Peter and Lady Pippa) were built for the Spirit of New Zealand, Spirit of Adventure trust, which have taught hundreds of young New Zealanders to sail. Even a house boat was built to the clients specific dream.