Media Articles

Below are some Bladerunners in action - just click on the links and watch. You can see how, even at speed, the boats remain stable. In the first link Mickey from "The Gambler" is able to gut a fish even as the boat flies through the water.

Checkout December 2012 Professional Skipper

Professional Skipper choose to highlight their twelve best feature boats for the year. This year Bladerunner Boats had two boats feature in this special Christmas magazine.

"The Knave"  Working in Canada as a Hydrographic Survey Boat on its purpose built fifth wheel Goose Neck Trailer

"Spot On" A Charter Fishing Boat working in Marsden Cove NZ


Fishing New Zealand January 2012 "Extreme Measures"

Professional Skipper March 2012 "The Knave"

Professional Skipper November 2011 "El Fresco"

Fishing NZ June 2012 "Spot On"

Aus Marine June 2012 "The Knave"

ITM Fishing Show "Extreme Measures"