Questions and Answers

Why the foil?

The bladerunner design is a deep vee catamaran hull with a delicately placed foil between the hulls.

The foil lifts the boat out of the water and supports her when she is planning, this means a much more economical ride with less boat left in the water.

We have measured factual data to support a 30% decrease in fuel consumption with tests run in the Whakatane area after a blade of our design was put onto a pre-existing catamaran hull. We also have fuel economy print outs available after sea trials for many of our vessels.

The foil also allows the boat to bank in on turns giving her the manouverability of a monohull, it cuts through the sea between the hull and softens the ride reducing the slamming and pounding of other vessels. When planning the Bladerunner gives a softer more stable ride through the rougher seas.

Your choices are endless:

Beginning with hull design, engine and drive combinations, trailer designs, bare aluminium to Super Yacht finish, Window lines, sleeping arrangements, electronic packages the list goes on.

The sea never forgives and takes no prisoners so you need to be sure what conditions you will be using your vessel in to ensure that all safety features are equipped to best suit the conditions you will be out there in.