Charter Boats and Working Boats


12.5m Serious Charter Fishing vessel for Taranaki

10:00am, 1 Apr 2013 - 31 Mar 2014

Fishey Business Charter Fishing Vessel: 

Delivered October last year to Taranaki is a serious fishing boat that is about to be launched in April. She has ben built to hull built stage by the Bladerunner Team and is being finished by a team of engineers and her owner in Taranaki. As strong as she can be with a 10mm plate bottom for the rugged demanding Taranaki Coast Line. We are looking forward to attending her launching and sea trials next month and will upload video footage and photoes when we get them. 



Marsden Cove Charters

29 Mar - 12:00pm, 3 May 2012

Any one looking for an exciting ride should check out this latest boat launched by Bladerunner. She is a 12m charter fishing vessel, built of Aluminium and kept with a simple open cockpit. Called "Spot On" and chartering out of East Coast of New Zealand from Marsden Cove, Whangarei.

A top speed of 38 knots with excellent fuel efficiency and a soft ride with exceptional sea keeping. Ready for fishing and in charter for 16 passengers.This boat is ready to take you out to any fishing spot and with 2 x 330 hp motors has power to burn.

She was delivered by sea to Whangarei from Auckland on the 3rd of May a journey of 2hrs 15 minutes from Marina berth to Marina Berth.

Check out the June 2012 Professional Skipper 



The Knave

11:00am, 14 Feb 2012

We have just launched a hydrographic survey boat for New Foundland, Canada. With a suite of electronics you would usually find on a ship, our customer has fitted them onto an 8m trailerable boat. With a huge gooseneck trailer built road legal for both Canada and America, he can go any where by land or sea.

With survey equipment to map the Ocean Bottom his first contract is finding the ocean wrecks of deep Canadian waters. He chose the Bladerunner for its smooth operating in rough seas, important for his delicate equipment. Check out the article in the March edition of Proffesional Skipper.

The Goose neck trailer shown here launching is not on the Knave but one of the first we did in 2000. It won the award for the fishing boat of the Hutchwilco Boat Show that year. The Knave trailer was bigger and stronger but not used on NZ roads as she was not designed for NZ road legal specifications.


El Fresco

10:15am, 31 Aug 2011
This 12m floating cafe was launched for Waiheke Harbours and trips around the Auckland Harbour. With two Iveco motors running through shafts she has a top speed of 38 knots and you could still be drinking your coffee. Easy viewing of the dolphins which were intent on staying with us on the sea trial - a huge foredeck with survey safety rails around makes for great viewing. 


Extreme Measures

16 Feb 2011

This 10m Game Fisher has found a home in the Hokianga of New Zealand. The extreme bar conditions meant a rough water boat was needed and Bladerunner provided the right boat for the right job.

Launched in February 2011 she has been busy diving and is taking a well deserved break up in Samoa enjoying the heat and Game fishing season.


Sinalei Reef Resort

5 May 2010
With Extreme Measures up in Samoa at present, there are now two vessels working out of this resort. "Fish the Dream" was there when the Tsunami struck and she is still available for day charter trips for diving and game fishing.


Beqa Adventure Dive Fiji

18 Aug 2004
At Beqa Adventure dive they have two specialist dive boats for diving with sharks and all sorts of adventure sports. Both built in 2004 they are forward facing extreme boats built for the west coast of Fiji.


Whale Watching in Tonga

16 Jul 2004
There are two Bladerunners working the whale watching circuit in Tonga and exploring the Va Vau waters. They are efficient and safe with the foil technology keeping them fuel efficient, fast and extremely stable when everyone is leaning over one side to check out the whales. A great winter playground full of adventure and the Bladerunner Boat from the wild west on show.


The Gambler Whakatane

15 May 2002

Just check out the YouTube video below, with Benji Marshall fishing on the Gambler. You will see how she performs through the water. Specifically built for our clients, this boat runs on outboards and is fast and efficient meaning getting to the extreme East Coast fishing waters through the Whakatane bar is easy, safe and extremely quick. 

The boat is an older vessel now but still is a low maintenance strong aluminium vessel for the extreme sea conditions found in Whakatane.