About Us

Bladerunner Boats with Silver Wing Marine - design and build foil assisted Aluminium Catamarans. 

The business was established in 1992 and Greg and Gilly Shine as co directors have led a small family orientated team since then. Gregs son is now our leading hand boat builder along with another who has been part of the team for 22 years. With our own aprentices trained in house we have a small team who understand their jobs and are passionate about the product they are building. The team build the boats from start to finish and their job satisfaction comes on the day of that exciting first sea trial when the boat gets onto the water for the first time and struts its stuff. .

With over 20 years of comprehensive understanding and research in foil technology the design has developed over the years, and without compromising ride, economy or safety, we now produce stylish 'cats' with class. Greg Shine, the director of the company and boat designer, oversees the building of all our vessels.

Located in the North West of Auckland in the small town of Kumeu, our vessels are launched at West Harbour Marina, with sea trials taking place in the Auckland Harbour.


Our small team of Boat builders are fully trained to New Zealand Marine Industry Standards, with apprentices training with us in house.



A small friendly team of experienced Boat Builders, who take pride in their work.